The foundation And manifestation of internal
vision an dream to the external world. My
Mother would tell me as a child I had an
imagination that could dive into any world. I
didn't realize exactly what she meant till I was older and
began to discover my unique style and versatility. From a
very young age I was telling stories with my drawings and
paintings, and began to develop an illustrative style that allowed me to communicate and capture the vision of other peoples desires and dreams. This became my passion beyond my own endeavors of vision. In 1993 with the mission to deliver the hidden and just out of reach unique visual way and relationship to peoples unconscious desires I created my illustration and mural business Murality.

Upon graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design with A Fine Art degree, I submersed myself into the world study of animation and car-actor design. Furthering my education at Full Sail Orlando Florida graduating in 1997 with a computer animation and Digital Media degree. This allowed me to travel in any direction using an array of every tool available in the world of artistic creation.

Since then my work has blossomed internationally and across several media applications from Hyper realistic Tromp loil imagery murals to the boundless creative imagination of a child's dreams. Through published book illustration , historical restoration and awards for body painting and digital art.

Individual style as an artist has ceased to exist with me. Because I can go anywhere with my work, using a multitude of mediums, stylization and visual approach.


2021 Oosal Art
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